Deputy reveals the number of files of corruption in Iraq: its money enough to build a full country

01.13.2019 15:13


Baghdad today - Baghdad

On Sunday (January 13, 2019), reformist MP Riyad al-Masoudi revealed the existence of some 12,000 corruption files since 2003 until this year, before the regulatory authorities .

Masoudi said in an interview with (Baghdad today), "The 12 thousand files of corruption is large and dangerous existswith the Authority of Integrity and Financial Supervision and the offices of inspectors in Iraq."

He added that "these files need a strong political will to open it and accountability of the parties behind them," stressing that "the money that was embezzled through these files are enough to build a full country."

He stressed that "the need for the political blocs to cooperate with the regulatory bodies in order to audit and investigate those files and access to the defaulters and the scourge of public money."

The head of the Commission of Integrity Judge Izzat Tawfiq Jaafar, said in an interview with (Baghdad today), earlier, "to say that the existence of files closed in the body; because of pressure or effects is a shamelessness and say the return; because the body does not have the authority to take A decision to close the investigation, release, arrest or any of the legal procedures set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure, but that jurisdiction is reserved for the judiciary, it alone has the power to adjudicate any investigation and take decisions, whether to close the investigation or to proceed with the proceedings or any other measures The right of the accused in that case " .

Jafar added that "the Commission does not have the authority to close files or take any action to activate the file, but criminal cases are the exclusive jurisdiction of the judiciary, we often heard this speech under that name, which is a disgrace for health and those who do so ignorant of the basic rules of law and procedures, But it ignores the most basic information about the jurisdiction and powers of the body. It is important for him to review the statute of the Commission and to review the terms of reference. He will then be aware of these procedures and competencies. He will be certain of the roles and responsibilities of the Authority and the judiciary.