Determination of the implementation date of the 2019 budget

2019/2/8 12:35


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Federal Budget Law is scheduled to be published in the Iraqi newspaper "Al-Waqalat" mid-week, and the law will enter into force after its publication.
A source familiar with the Justice Ministry's media said Friday that after the president signed the budget law, a copy of the law was senton the same day to the Ministry of Justice and then sent to the Directorate of "facts" to work on it for the official publication.
The source added that the newspaper "facts" Iraq will be published on Monday or Tuesday, there is no doubt that the Federal Budget Law will be published in the newspaper.
According to the law, any law in the House of Representatives after its ratification by the President of the Republic and published in the fact sheet is in force and if the government does not appeal the law to the Federal Court, it enters into force.
The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, approved last Monday, the federal budget law for the current year 2019, a deficit of 23 billion dollars.
The parliament voted on January 24 last year on the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2019, which began earlier this year.
The budget estimates revenue of 106 trillion dinars (88.5 billion dollars), while estimated expenditures 133 trillion dinars (111.5 billion dollars), and the total budget deficit amounted to 27 trillion dinars ($ 23 billion). The estimated
budget revenue account on the basis of 56 dollars to the price of a barrel of oil, with an average export of 3.00088 million barrels Aumia.anthy