Security expert reveals important items in the security agreement with America

2019/2/8 7:30


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Revealed a strategic expert, Ahmed Sharifi, on important items in the strategic framework agreement concluded between Iraq and the United States.
"The agreement concluded with Iraq is the best, because it limitedthe US presence for training and rehabilitation and the presence of experts," he said, noting that "among the items Iraq's insistence on not being in the US air bases, and America would like to stay in those bases "He said.
"The American experts were fighters, and after the withdrawal from the bases they settled in Iraq until America confirmed that its return to Iraqi territory after the demands of the withdrawal will be on condition that he entered a dacha to Iraqi territory."
"The decision of the withdrawal of the Americans was not hasty, because there were Khawain in the security apparatus, and the absence of air deterrence led to Iraq's need for the US presence and there is corruption and chaos in the security apparatus in a timely manner, and this prompted the return of the Americans and the announcement of our inability to protect Iraq "We lost the civil status and gave the Security Council the designation of Iraq as a focal point for international peace."
He pointed out that "Iraq won in the first agreement, but after the entry of Daash has become a loser significantly, and returned to multiple bases and without conditions," noting that "the reality of the case confirms the existence of multi-tasking and not experts, the air sovereignty of Iraq in the civil and military affairs, "He said.
But he added: "I advise not to raise the ceiling of the challenge with US forces for the possibility of not issuing a resolution or it will not be binding on it," noting that "Iraq is still under the custody of the United Nations, if a committee was formed and the United Nations to exit the troops can be a solution, Be wary of raising the threat ceiling with US President Donald Trump. "