America wants to enter the Iraqi market

2019/2/10 9:58


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The economic attaché of the US Embassy in Baghdad John Staples expressed his country's desire to enter the Iraqi market strongly.
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry that Staples and during his meeting with the technical agent of the Ministry of Industryand Minerals Adel Karim between his country's desire to enter strongly into the Iraqi market and directed to encourage US companies to work in Iraq to transfer technology and exchange of experiences to promote the Iraqi industrial reality in all sectors, especially the petrochemical sector and fertilizers.
The statement pointed out that the meeting dealt with the review and discussion of the industrial reality in Iraq and highlighted the problems and obstacles facing the Iraqi industry and ways to develop them. The meeting also discussed the laws of product protection and investment law.
He added that the Undersecretary of the Ministry stressed that Iraq needs to transfer and exchange experiences with international companies to promote the Iraqi industry, reviewing the most important investment opportunities available in a number of industrial sectors and indicating what laws and regulations in force in Iraq to support the industrial sector and support partnership with the private sector Arab and foreign for the purpose of establishing projects contribute In pushing forward development in Iraq.