Kuwaiti grant for liberated areas in Iraq

2019/2/11 16:28


{{Al-Furat News} The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), on Monday, signed a grant agreement worth KD 25 million (about US $ 85 million) with the Fund for Reconstruction of Areas Affected by Iraq's Terrorist Operations.
"The grant agreement signed today comes as part of the $ 100 million total grantannounced by Kuwait during the Washington Donor Conference to support Iraq and contribute to the coverage of humanitarian needs," the IMF said in a press release.
"The first phase of the emergency program funding for the health sector (Phase I) in January 2018 was $ 4.5 million [about $ 15 million], which would contribute to funding projects to equip a number of health centers and hospitals in various Iraqi governorates" .
"The importance of these projects is to raise the level of health services in the affected areas in preparation for the return of displaced persons to their homes and the rehabilitation of a safe and stable environment for them."
"The projects include building, rehabilitation and equipping of 32 health centers and hospitals distributed to the affected governorates," he said. "These projects include civil, architectural and electrical works, as well as the installation and installation of medical equipment for 25 health centers and hospitals."
And that the Reconstruction Fund for Areas affected by terrorist operations in Iraq will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of these projects while the Ministry of Health and its regional administrations will operate and maintain the project elements.
"Iraq has already provided three loans to finance projects in the energy, industry and education sectors, totaling 30 million dinars (about $ 98 million), as well as four grants to fund social sector projects worth 87 million dinars (about $ 286 million)," the IMF said. is over