Rohani proposes the possibility of Iraq and Iran to rely on the national currency between the two countries

Tuesday 12 March 2019 11:14 am


BAGHDAD / Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said on Tuesday that the national currency could be adopted between Iran and Iraq. "We do not need foreign currency," he said.

"Terrorism has not ended completely and this phenomenon can emerge again in different forms," ​​Rohani said in a meetingwith tribal leaders and religious minorities at the hospitality palace.

He added: "We emphasize our interest in the unity of the Iraqi people. We know that if unity is not achieved among the people, society can not face its real challenges."

"We said that the national currency can be adopted between Iran and Iraq and we do not need foreign currency," Rowhani said.

"Iran is the first country to stand by the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people in the face of terrorism," he said.

He stressed: "We want to build with Iraq a force in this region," noting that "it is not against others and attracts friendly countries."

On Monday, President Barham Salih received his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rowhani at the Peace Palace in Baghdad.

Rohani was accompanied by a government and political delegation on Monday to Baghdad for a three-day official visit. He was received by Commerce Minister Mohammad Hashem al-Ani. Finished