Imam al-Sistani Rohani: These challenges of Iraq [expanded]

2019/3/13 16:10


The supreme religious authority Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani received Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and his accompanying delegation, including Iranian Foreign Minister Hassan Rowhani.
The Iranian president explained to the Supreme Reference part of the results of his talks with Iraqi officials, and what has been reached with them in the frameworkof developing friendly relations and good neighborly relations between the two countries.
Al-Sistani expressed his "welcome to any step to strengthen Iraq's relations with its neighbors according to the interests of both parties and on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of States and non-interference in their internal affairs."
He referred to the "fateful war waged by the Iraqi people to defeat the aggression of al-Da'ashi, recalling the great sacrifices made by the heroic Iraqis in winning this terrorist organization and removing its danger from the whole region, and noting the role of friends in achieving this."
He also referred to the most important challenges facing Iraq at this stage, namely combating corruption, improving public services and limiting arms to the state and its security apparatuses. He expressed the hope that the Iraqi government will achieve acceptable progress in these areas.
"The need for regional and international policies in this sensitive region to be balanced and moderate in order to avoid further tragedies and damage to their peoples."