Parliamentary energy for citizens: No improvement in electricity in the summer of 2019

2019/3/13 9:31


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Committee on Oil, Energy and Natural Resources parliamentary, that the processing of citizens electric power during the summer next "will not see any improvement."
Amjad Hashem al-Aqabi, a member of the committee, said in a press statement that "the poor planning in this regard makes us notoptimistic about the adequate supply of electricity to citizens during the coming summer." There is no plan by the ministry for these sectors "He said.
"This lack of interest is offset by expansion in the regions and an increase in loads by citizens, especially with high temperatures," he said.
For his part, supported the committee member Sadik al-Sulaiti said the punishment of the absence of any improvement in the processing of electricity to citizens during the summer.
Al-Sulaiti said that "the citizen hopes for a complete improvement in the hours of processing," pointing out that "the current Minister of Electricity spoke during the hosting by the Committee that the rate of increase in production may be 15 percent, but it is subject to the implementation of projects."
He revealed that "the existence of a problem faced by all ministries and departments of the state and the provinces, which is that the financial did not release the amounts of the investment budget, which means not to launch any project related to electricity so far."
"Electricity suffers from huge bottlenecks in the transport sector, and this needs quick projects that will last for six months," Sulaiti said.