Deputy attacks Abdul Mahdi and confirms: Some ministers are not qualified to manage themselves

Wednesday, March 13th


Alsumaria News / Baghdad
attacked the Parliamentary Committee Services member Alaa al - Rubaie, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul - Mahdi , the latter saying "weak performance" in dealing with the crises that caused the decline in the service side and "firm" in corrupt officials accountable, while the description of some current ministers That they are "not qualified to manage themselves"and not to manage important ministries.

"The current government has failed so far to provide services and reflect a positive image of its desire to change the bitter reality," said the head of the Council of Ministers for his poor performance in dealing with the crises that caused This decline in the service side and not packaged in the accounting and punishment of corrupt officials and are not qualified to manage some service facilities.

He added that " Abdul-Mahdi's current approach was not at the level of ambition and did not change from the previous governments as well as he could not prove that his government is a government services as described and all that is put forward is a theoretical and not realistic," warning that "the survival of the Department of Abdul Mahdi At this weak level will lead to serious problems may cause the collapse of the situation and the return of legitimate demonstrations demanding services. "

He continued, "What Abdul Mahdi presented in his government program has not applied anything to him until this moment and remained just ink on paper, and there is no real desire to apply," calling on the House of Representatives to "take the initiative in the diagnosis of weaknesses in the government of Abdul Mahdi, The file of services and seek to reform them by activating the oversight role and activating interrogations of ministers who have proved in recent days that they are not qualified to manage themselves and not to manage important ministries in the Iraqi state .