Internal inspector: 90 days to come will be harsh on the corrupt

2019/4/12 16:56


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Interior Ministry inspector-general and anti-corruption council member Jamal al-Asadi said that 90 days will be tough on the corrupt.
"For the honorable, stay away from the corrupt, so that white and black will not mix with us," he said in a tweet on Twitter.
The Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior Jamal Taher Asadi directed the heads of investigativecouncils to resolve their councils within the specified time limits, warning that, deliberately delay the resolution will expose himself to legal accountability.
Al-Asadi hinted in a statement that "the delay in the resolution of the councils causes the delay and loss of the rights of the stakeholders, as many of these councils are related to financial obligations and promotions as well as legal rights and public funds."
He called on the presidents and members of the investigative councils and committees to "adopt professionalism and professionalism and to seek the advice of experts and specialists in completing the investigation stages in order to reach the truth for which the investigation board was formed."
Al-Asadi stressed that "the heads of investigative committees and councils must abide by the prescribed time limits and not exceed them without a strong excuse"