Abadi: That is why I did not swear as a deputy and the victory will return to power

2019/4/15 15:21


[Baghdad - where]
the head of the coalition of victory Haider Abadi, on Thursday, the reasons for not taking the constitutional oath in the House of Representatives after winning the parliamentary elections, while he indicated that he will work to bring his coalition to power.
Abadi said in an interviewwith the newspaper "the new Arab", in response to a question about the lack of swearing after his victory as a deputy in the elections, he "offered to the positions of the government and rejected," asserting that "my lack of performance of the constitutional linked to my tasks, which are not limited to parliamentary tasks only "He said.

"We will succeed in managing and liberating the country in the most difficult times, and we are able to lead and build it and restore its strategic position with the good forces and our great people."

And on the war on "Daash," said Abbadi: "We defeated and urged us to cut back, but yes there are some remnants and sleeper cells, and our intelligence efforts pursue them," pointing out that "the main threat and the biggest challenge lies in the policies that must follow, and the early tasks of the reconstruction of cities and work Continuous to prevent the return of precarious conditions "