Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds by 55.6% during February

2019/4/16 15:48


{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Iraq increased its US Treasury holdings by 55.6% during February 2019 on an annualized basis.
Total Iraqi ownership of US debt instruments, according to the Treasury Department, was $ 34.7 billion, compared to$ 22.3 billion in February of 2018.
On a monthly basis, Iraq's ownership of US debt instruments increased by about 2% In January of this year, which amounted to 34 billion dollars.
Globally, China topped the list of US Treasuries last February with a total of $ 1.131 trillion, followed by Japan at $ 1.072 trillion.
US Treasury data showed that Iraq ranked fourth in the Arab countries; Saudi Arabia was the first with $ 167 billion, the
UAE second with $ 54.5 billion
and Kuwait with $ 42.3 billion.
Total US debt rose to $ 6.385 trillion in February 2019, compared to $ 6.221 trillion in the same month in 2018, an increase of 2.6 percent.
In January, Iraq raised its US debt holdings by 59.6% to $ 34 billion, compared to $ 21.3 billion in January of 2018. End