Detection of Iraqi space agency and satellite

2019/5/14 13:27


[Follow-up] The Ministry of Communications coordinates with the French government to complete the two satellite projects and the Iraqi Space Agency, after obtaining a loan from them.
"The ministry has coordinated with the French governmentto complete the Iraqi satellite project and the Iraqi space agency, in coordination with the French aerospace company Airbus," the ministry's senior technical affairs agent, Amir al-Bayati, said in a press statement.
He confirmed that "a loan was obtained from the French government for the completion of these projects in addition to other security projects, as the use of their consulting companies in this regard, noting that the coordination came after the suspension of the satellite project for a long time previously."
Al-Bayati promised "the projects, in terms of sovereignty and mission, stipulating that the special orbits of the country through which the Iraqi satellite will be operated after its completion in full, noting that the satellite project will serve the security, economic, agricultural, industrial and environmental and military sectors of the country, To serve the security side for him. "
He expressed "coordination with French companies specialized in the implementation of projects and the establishment of a nucleus of the Iraqi Space Agency, which will provide services to government institutions and sectors, stressing the intention of companies to develop the orbits of Iraq [slot orbit] on the orbits: 45.65 and 50 degrees east, With French Airbus to train technicians and specialists for a year to qualify them and grant them a license to work in the long term for the establishment of satellites and high and medium orbits.
The technical agent for communications said that "an agreement was signed between his ministry and French companies in order to conclude a memorandum of understanding in this regard, pointing out that his ministry has worked on the establishment of the Department of Space Affairs to be the nucleus of the Iraqi Space Agency. There is also technical coordination with the French government to provide support for the technical and legal aspects of the project , Pointing out that his ministry has already used the experts of media and space in the Iraqi media network to prepare the special structure of the project.
The Ministry of Communications had announced earlier, stopped the Iraqi satellite project because of lack of financial allocations to him.