Electricity achieved the highest production in the history of Iraq and reveal the hours of processing

15/5/2019 8:16


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) revealed the Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib, the excess production of energy 16 thousand megawatts, which allowed a surplus between production and demand reached 1,700 MW.
Al-Khatib said in a press statement that "the energy production in the country exceeded yesterday, 16 thousand and 300 MW, which confirmed that it is achieved for the first time in the historyof the country, noting that the average loads was about 14 thousand and 600 MW, up to 1,700 MW."
He added that "the volume of production, will allow the ministry to provide citizens with a card ranging from 20 to 24 hours a day, despite the rise of relative temperatures, noting that the target of his ministry for the current year, access production to 18 thousand megawatts.
He explained that "production and in the event of the response of citizens to rationalize and reduce abuses, will contribute to the processing during the summer season, more hours than those that were processed during the last year."
Khatib said that his ministry succeeded in increasing production compared to last year with a production capacity of more than three hundred and 300 megawatts, as a result of coordination and cooperation among the ministry's staff, working to overcome the obstacles through the addition of new generating units, and providing the Ministry of Oil with fuel for power plants smoothly, Of the Prime Minister on the file and provide what can be provided to overcome the problems facing the sector. "
On the other hand, the ministry announced the formation of a committee to assess the performance of privatization companies, which previously transferred contracts of collection and service to electricity within 70 percent of the distribution networks, provided the provision of services to citizens and work to remove the burdens thereof, according to the spokesman Musab teacher.
The teacher said in a press statement that "this committee, which was formed, comes to find out the most prominent problems and obstacles experienced by the citizen of some companies that did not provide the service well, and the Committee has been to remove the rest of them and subject them all to control and ongoing scrutiny and keep those that provide service Good for the citizens, such as the current of the current and the setting up of counters and collecting the fees of the collection of assets. "
The teacher promised the Ministry's approval of the companies to collect the fees of the collection, not the best solution, noting that his ministry is working on the preparation of alternative plans to ensure access to these wages, including the adoption of modern technology as is the practice in most countries of the world through the cards for energy.