Coalition of Iraqi Forces: Attempts to isolate Halabusi failed

2019/5/16 14:36


(Baghdad: al-Furat News) MP on the coalition of Iraqi forces Faleh al-Issawi, on Thursday, that the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbusi was a heavyweight to the axis alliance before the split, indicating that attempts to remove him from the presidency of parliament failed.
Issawi said in a statement to {Euphrates News} that, "the schism that happened is the resultof cumulative differences of individual decisions were exploited through the name of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi and some of the free members of the axis before the withdrawal," noting that "the current coalition is the coalition of Iraqi forces Which has a national cover away from suspicions and deals. "
He added that "Halabousi was the main engine of the Axis alliance and the stronger name because it has internal and external acceptability and works in a way that satisfies all parties." He pointed out that "the House of Representatives unanimously stressed the importance of Halabousi and his stay at the head of the leadership in parliament for what he did during a short period."
He added that "those who remained in the Axis alliance represented by Khamis al-Dangar and Abu Mazen felt weak and therefore put strong names on the pretext that they would support them to head the parliament so as not to go to Halabusi and increase strength," adding that "attempts failed."
The Axis coalition has decided to cancel the membership of Halabusi and some of the deputies because of differences between them, the latest method of election Mansour al-Murad, governor of Nineveh, despite the request of Parliament to wait until the investigation of suspicions of corruption, followed by the announcement of the coalition of Iraqi forces to the deputies out of the Axis alliance.