Senate approves new US ambassador to Iraq

2019/5/17 11:35


The Senate on Thursday approved President Donald Trump's nomination of Matthew Toller as US ambassador to Baghdad.
Toller was the US ambassador to Yemen for five years, before leaving office a few days ago to prepare for his new post, at a time of increasingtension between the United States and Iran neighboring Iraq.
The United States on Wednesday asked its non-essential staff to leave its embassy in Baghdad.
Toller is the US ambassador to Yemen since 2014 and was a former ambassador to Kuwait, as he has worked in the embassies of Washington in Cairo, Baghdad, Kuwait and Riyadh.
Toler has also worked for the State Department as deputy director of the North Gulf office and in charge of the Egyptian office.
The new Ambassador of Iraq holds a bachelor's degree from Brigham Yang University and a Masters from Harvard University, an SIA Intelligence Award and two Presidential Honorary Awards, a Baker Wilkins Award from the State Department for the post of Deputy Chief of Mission and an Arabic speaker.