"Prohibition" of a religious reference to the "Iraqis" .. Is forbidden to intervene in the Iranian-American conflict ..

Friday, May 17, 2019 at 12:12 pm


Baghdad / Sky Press

Launched by a religious reference Najaf message to all Iraqis not to get involved in any conflict between the two countries and stand only on neutrality to spare the country chaos and destruction.

Religious authority Fadhil al-Budairi, issued the fatwa from Najaf and came under the title "is forbidden to interferein the Iranian-American conflict."

He said that he is watching the Iranian-American military tension with great concern because it represents a great danger to the region and to Iraq in particular, because it has pro-Iranian parties and fears its military intervention, which leads to the dumping of Iraq in chaos and destruction. Hence, based on legitimate and national responsibility, Badiri decided that it is forbidden to all The Iraqis should put themselves and their country in this military conflict.

He concluded by saying that Iraq has enough calamities and no way to survive, but to stand on the Hill of neutrality until God governs the best governors, he said.