After the inflammatory statements about the need to "expel" the Americans from Iraq .. Ameri advises Iraqis not to "provoke" America!



Baghdad / Sky Press

The head of the Fatah Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, called on the Iraqis not to ignite the flames of war in Iraq because he said that if ignited will burn everyone.

Amiri said in a statement today that national, historical and religious responsibility requires everyone to remove the specter of warfrom Iraq first and the whole region.

Head of the Fatah alliance, secretary-general of the Badr Organization, one of the most prominent men of Iran in Iraq, said that "the war if ignited not forgive God will burn everyone, and therefore everyone trying to ignite them from Iraq either ignorant or trampled; because all parties to the war does not want war, Islam wants war and the United States does not want war.

Amiri's comments come after a Katyusha rocket was fired in the vicinity of the US Embassy in Baghdad, as well as US President Donald Trump's threat to destroy Iran if it tries to undermine American interests or ignite a war with the United States.