Source: Abdul-Mahdi intends to assign al-Janabi and al-Ghanmi to the Department of Interior and Defense Acting

2019/6/12 14:31


According to informed sources, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, intends to assign the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Othman Al-Ghanmi, to run the Ministry of Defense Acting, and Under-Secretary of the Interior for Police Affairs, Mowaffaq al-Janabi, also running the Ministry of Interior.

"The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will assignthe Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Othman Al-Ghanmi, to the Acting Department of Defense. In return, the Undersecretary of the Interior Minister for Police Affairs will charge the team," said Faleh al-Issawi, Muwafaq al-Janabi, the director of the bag of the Interior Acting, "noting that" these leaks and links from people close to the Prime Minister. "

Al-Issawi added that "Abdul Mahdi will consider in this new division the maturity of components, considering that the Ghanami of the Shiite component, and Janabi of the Sunni component."

He explained that "Abdel-Mahdi can not display the names of vacant ministries unless it is agreed in advance between him and the forces and political blocs," stressing that "the next two days will determine the issue of the management of the Ministry of Defense and the Interior by proxy or offer the names of candidates for the four ministries vacant."

He added that "the Prime Minister, began two days ago with the movement of the heads and representatives of the political blocs focused on the possibility of finding understandings within parliament to nominate the candidates of the four ministries vacant and resolve this file before the end of the second legislative term or the Department of the Ministries of Defense and Interior Acting.

Al-Issawi ruled out that "the prime minister and parliament can nominate the candidates of the other ministries during the second legislative term, which will end on the first of next July," pointing out that "the number of meetings remaining in this chapter does not exceed eight sessions."

"The agenda of the remaining eight sessions of the second legislative term did not include a paragraph to vote on the four ministries vacant," believing that "this file will be deported to the third legislative term," noting that "the problems between the political forces still exist and the dialogues could not find Solutions to end differences on this file. "

The meeting of the three presidencies last focused on the possibility of finding a way to accelerate the resolution of the file of the remaining ministries in parliament during the remaining sessions.

The differences between the coalition of "reform and reconstruction" and "construction" on the names of candidates for the Ministries of Interior and Defense for more than seven months, as negotiations and dialogues could not agree on the new candidates to fill these ministries.