CBI: Invitation to discuss the spread of ATMs and POS

July 11, 2019


To all banks and all electronic payment service providers ( call to discuss ATM and POS )
( Number : 288/5/9 Date : 2019/7/10)
Based on the role of this supervisory and supervisory bank and in order to cover the investment costs for the deployment of ATMs and point of salemachines and expansion of other services that achieve the target revenues from the project of settling salaries, we would like to show the following:

1- Banks and card issuers must invest in ATMs and point-of-sale machines in proportion to their ability to issue cards and settle salaries.
2 - Companies licensed to work (as a receiver) take their important role in the deployment of ATMs and points of sale and control expansion in accordance with plans for deployment accountable for their implementation.
3 - The possibility of reducing the burden of employees pay and use of salaries through electronic payment channels (ATM-POS) by examining the prices of services of these channels compared to what is available to withdraw salaries now.
4. Your banks should provide incentive services to employees whose salaries have been settled if you do not withdraw a certain percentage of the amount (short-term savings and investment accounts).
5 - The possibility of allowing banks wishing to work in the area of ​​collection and dissemination points of sale in the shops to win traders and open bank accounts and provide possible facilities.
6 - A trading meeting will be held on Tuesday, 2019/7/23 at 11:00 am at the headquarters of this bank to clarify our plan for the need to deploy ATMs and point of sale devices and not to expand the opening of cash withdrawals.