Parliamentarian: Budget will turn to the biggest dilemma in Iraq

2019/8/12 14:08


A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Haji Rashid, that the budget will turn to the biggest dilemma in Iraq, especially with talk of a large deficit in the budget next year.
Rashid said in a press statement, "The Committee on the preparation of the budget strategy for fiscal year 2020, estimatedthe expected deficit of about 72 trillion dinars, while the annual revenue in Iraq ranging from 60 to 70 trillion dinars."
According to the available information, the value of the allocations for the operational budget (salaries) will reach 48 trillion dinars next year compared to 36 trillion dinars in previous years, and Iraq must pay debts of 19 trillion dinars, while the costs of oil exploration and extraction to 20 trillion dinars, along with 11 trillion dinars for the pension fund. "
He noted that the budget year 2019 included the introduction of 6,500 - degree functional movement peace Brigades, an element in a thousand of 28 popular crowd and financial allocations.