Ammar al-Hakim reveals efforts to form the opposition front and identifies two options to change the political equation

2019/8/12 9:00


The head of the national wisdom movement, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, revealed efforts to form the opposition front and the output of the shadow government, pointing to "identify two options to change the political equation."
Ammar al-Hakim said in the sermon of Eid al-Adha prayers held in his office in Baghdadon Monday, "We have followed the constructive national constitutional political opposition and there are those who questioned the opposition project and the credibility and seriousness and purpose and purpose, they said: You went to the sites and you will return for them. "Change the equation politically or change the equation popularly and through democratic means."
He added, "We seek to formulate an independent Iraqi project and realize the magnitude of the challenges and dangers that target this project. With the electronic war, the confrontation has begun, and the political downfall will continue.
Ammar al-Hakim asked, "Why is that all ?! Is it because the opposition believes in the coup and the ruler dragged down the streets of Baghdad? Is it because the opposition believes in chaos and taking up arms in the face of power? Is it because the opposition wants to undermine the regime and abolish the constitution and law? And intimidation, ignorance and ignorance? ".
He stressed, `` I say it frankly, they want to abort the project and kill every attempt to break the traditional rules, they want to keep Iraq weak and dependent on chaos, corruption and quota, they will continue their war, and we will continue our steadfastness, confident in ourselves and our people and trust in God our Lord. ''
"Five months ago, we had promised our people that we would be with him wherever he was and that our support for the government was conditional on the satisfaction of the people. After sensing the opinion of the people and reading their frustration at the government's ability to meet its ambitions, we had two options to either support the government and lose the people or win the people," he said. "We oppose the government and choose to win the people."
"This opposition will remain committed to its constitutional and ethical approach and exercise its opposition role with the intention of reform, fairness, criticism of mistakes, avoiding targeting people and avoiding extortion in questioning ministers or other calendar steps," he said.
"On the other hand, the formed, supportive and influential forces in the government and their ministries are required to show courage, openness and commitment to adopt the option of loyalty to the government, thus achieving a clear sorting of areas. In the government and opposes it at the same time. "
"We are very happy with the issuance of the first semi-annual report by the Iraqi government, which is supported by figures, tables, notes and high achievement rates.
"We have formed a committee of specialists in the fields of planning, statistics and management from our professional and non-mainstream energies. The committee has been working on dismantling, scrutinizing and reviewing all the paragraphs mentioned in the report," he said. The report revealed clearly that the government still suffers from a deadly routine and a bureaucratic failure and a clear lack of coordination between ministries and government sectors on the one hand and the absence of vision. Planning him antecedents on the other hand. "
He stressed that "there is a clear inconsistency between the ministerial curriculum and the government report and the government statements and the annual budget allocated by the government, and the Committee to follow up the parliamentary program to provide similar perceptions through a comprehensive review carried out."
He called on Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, "the centers of studies and research and the Iraqi elites and the media to highlight these problems and encourage the government to provide effective solutions to them."
He also called "the House of Representatives to activate its supervisory work through its specialized committees to follow up the progress of the achievements and failures of the government and point out the strengths and weaknesses and the allocation of a special session at the beginning of the next legislative term to study the government report and the prosecutions recorded on it."
He stressed, "We commit the government to what it committed itself and do not entrust the government only within the framework of the ministerial curriculum and the government report and decisions and actions issued by them, as we continue the effort to form the opposition front in cooperation with political and popular forces that share our opinion in its position against the government will be announced this front When these efforts are completed. "
He pointed out that "the output of this front government shadow, which will be the tools of the opposition to control and scrutiny of government performance professionally and professionally."
Mr. Hakim pointed to the educational reality in Iraq.
He said that "the educational file is a thorny and complex file and pressure on all Iraqi families and is waiting for solutions and radical treatments to establish an integrated educational system and sophisticated and modern."
He explained that "our teaching methods are still rigid focusing on the conservation and did not develop itself to develop the capabilities of understanding, analysis and creativity of the Iraqi student, in the era of information revolution is not the memory is the basis in education and learning as much as the need to develop knowledge tools that help graduate creative students eager for knowledge and Development".
"We believe that many cases of repetition or school evasion do not stem from lack of intelligence or indifference or lack of commitment of students as much as they do not interact with the educational method, we do not have a student failed or lack of intelligence, but we have a method is not desirable or ineffective."
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim called for "a major educational revolution to stop the waste of human potential, financial potential and psychological psychological breakdowns through a thoughtful, scientific and modern change in the curricula, methods and the educational environment to suit the changes of our time." The lofty goal away from the abhorrent political quotas that caused the vacancy of this ministry throughout the previous period of government life.
He stressed that "our graduate students and graduates with job seekers brushing sidewalks and shouting with pain and courage to demand the right to a decent life."
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim expressed his "solidarity with any jealous young man who demands the government and society to provide job opportunities and halal livelihood with his right hand and sweat of his forehead. These heroes have not lost their way and did not take the path of forbidden gain and did not drift towards drugs or violence and did not commit suicide. "They are hoping for the future to demand their rights in a civilized and legitimate manner.
He stressed that "it is the duty of the government to stand and exert the utmost efforts in investing these energies, minds, hearts and clean hands young people combat, unless we make human beings and building dignity and needs the first priority in all our government plans, we will remain prisoners of absurdity and retreat and failure."
He pointed out that "intellectual, ethical and behavioral deviations such as atheism, drug use, and increasing cases of divorce and suicide continue to sound the alarm and express a defect in the Iraqi social structure." Its vast human, moral and material potential. "
The President of the National Wisdom Movement praised the efforts of the service councils in the offices of the National Wisdom Movement and the speed of their response to our call and its offer. It continues to provide services and assistance to citizens in facilitating their transactions and requests with various government departments in accordance with the law contexts and away from cases of bribery and financial corruption. And alleviate his suffering is the safest way to the satisfaction of God Almighty and the performance of our national duty and humanitarian people do not serve him do not deserve to represent. "
On the latest developments in the region, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim stressed "the need to adhere to a positive neutrality stance to ensure the interests of Iraq and its people."
He warned against "the growing conflicts in the region and the tense atmosphere that it provides for the growth of terrorism and the risk of regional peace and security," calling on the main parties to sit at the table of dialogue and accept peaceful and political solutions that avoid the region the scourge of war, destruction, extremism and hatred.
"We are facing an exceptional situation in our Arab region, where four of them are missing presidents elected (Libya, Algeria, Sudan and Tunisia). We wish the democratic process to succeed in these fraternal countries and produce free elections that express the will of their indigenous peoples and the Arab League bears double responsibilities in these circumstances." .is over