Parliamentary finance reveals a frightening figure for the 2020 budget deficit for the first time in the country's history

9/8/2019 8:24


(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The parliamentary finance committee revealed that the federal budget deficit for 2020 reached - according to the prototype - to 72 trillion dinars.
Committee member Jamal Kuger said in a press statement that "the next budget is different from the previous budgets in two things. First, the model will change any shift to the new methodfrom (items) to (programs and performance) and will apply this method to only two ministries during the The second is negative, as it contains a lot of deficits and the deficit in the prototype budget reached 72 trillion dinars, which is a very high figure for the first time up to the deficit. Ara To this figure. "
He added, "The Ministries of Planning and Finance are interested in studying the most important mechanisms and vocabulary that contribute to reducing this deficit because the more the deficit stops the movement of investment in the country and the greater the operational budget, the less the investment budget," noting that what led to this large deficit is "increase the operational" He called the ministries concerned to cooperate with the Parliamentary Finance Committee to work to reduce and reduce the deficit rate.
As for the most prominent solutions that can address the deficit, Kojer explained: “There are a lot of (imaginary - space) who receive fictitious salaries and this situation can be addressed, and the second is to control the revenues of the border outlets that the Inspector General stated that there are 6 ports The government does not have any control over it after the official working hours; that is, the resources that come through it do not go to the state but to other parties, and the remaining outlets have great corruption. ”
He continued: "The third solution is to shift the point of government from the government sector to the private, that is (why the government bears all salaries without charge ?!), For example, the electricity sector can be put to privatization on the condition that the investor should bear the burdens and salaries of the existing and existing staff The fourth solution is to fight corruption in a real way by seizing the funds of personalities who have reaped great wealth through the exploitation of positions as well as other mechanisms. ”
Concerning external borrowing, Kojer pointed out that“ the Finance Committee decided to stop external borrowing, because one of the most important The deficit is the repayment of interest on loans, where $ 19 million in interest will be repaid on loans that the country has not benefited from. ”