Central Bank of Iraq: $ 226.9 million currency sales auction Sunday

08 September 2019 01:26 PM


Direct: Central Bank of Iraq data showed, the value of foreign currency sales in the auction held on Sunday, to 226.99 million dollars, compared to the auction saleslast Thursday, amounting to $ 195.69 million, an increase of $ 31.3 million.

The exchange rate reached 1190 dinars per dollar, according to the Central Bank data, in the auction held with the participation of 34 banks and remittance companies.

Central Bank said sales executed were results on Monday, adding that total sales totaled $ 258.63 million.

The Central Bank of Iraq, the volume of amounts sold to strengthen the balances of banks abroad amounted to $ 225.91 million, while the total cash sold $ 1.08 million.

During Thursday's auction , data showed the Central Bank of Iraq, the value of foreign currency sales fell to $ 195.69 million, compared to sales of Wednesday's auction of $ 211.81 million.