Mass resignations in the movement of change

2019/9/10 15:41


A number of members of the National Council in the Movement for Change resigned in protest against "political and administrative corruption."
Saber Ismail, a member of the National Council of the Movement, said in a press statement that "there was an agreement in the Movement not to establishblocs or to work with cronyism, but what we now notice is the emergence of corruption within the Movement, as he put it.
" {which including} submitted their resignations, "adding that" the resignations came after he made several proposals and there were promises to apply but have not been applied, pointing out that they object to the election of the executive room because this is unconstitutional. "
He explained that" the National Assembly has the right to elect The executive chamber once, while the National Assembly itself exceeded its constitutional age, "No. Ta that "those who want to elect the executive room they want to control the movement of change" .anthy