The region stresses its share of the budget and is considering an agreement with Baghdad

2019/9/12 15:17


(Erbil: Euphrates News) The Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, a meeting with the heads of blocs in the Kurdistan Parliament, to discuss a number of important issues, the most important of which is a government delegation to Baghdad next week.
The parliamentarian Ziad Jabbar said in a press statement that "representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government, represented by the Secretary of the Council of Ministers in the region, and the Director of Financial Control and the Cabinet of the Council of Ministers of the region, held today, a meeting with the financial committeesand natural resources and heads of blocs in the Kurdistan Parliament to discuss a number of important issues" .
He added that "during the meeting discussed the preparations of the Kurdistan Regional Government to reach an agreement with the government of Baghdad," adding that "the meeting discussed the issues of financial imports of the region and the preservation of the region's proportion of the federal budget for 2020."
The MP Shirwan Mirza of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the House of Representatives had explained earlier that the Kurdistan Regional Government meets today with the Kurdistan Parliament on the outstanding problems between Baghdad and the region, pointing out that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will go next week to Baghdad, to resolve the budget challenges The delegation will also discuss oil, peshmerga and disputed areas.