Pictures .. Satellites reveal what happened to the "Island of Dawis" in Iraq

2019/9/13 12:23


Satellite images showed the Iraqi island of Da'ash, which was hit by US warplanes missiles on Tuesday, to record teams before and after the raids, and the effects they had on the island, described as a "transit" stop for Daesh. Travelers of Iraq.
The US-led coalition to fight terrorism and fight ISIS announced on Tuesday that US warplanes dropped 36 tons of bombs on the island of Kaanousin the Tigris River, which is teeming with extremist members of ISIS.
The coalition said the raids were carried out by F-15 and F-35 planes, and targeted the island located in the central province of Salah al-Din, north of the capital Baghdad.
Reports said the raids killed about a dozen ISIS hiding in the island, while a spokesman for Iraqi forces to combat terrorism, said the raids killed 25 people.
The attack is part of operations by Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition against the group that was defeated in Iraq in 2017, and since then its cells have carried out deadly bombings in Iraq.
"before and after"
The Fox News website, citing Planet Labs, Inc. and researcher Wim Zwijnenberg, published two photographs showing the island before and after the raids. The effects of the bombings are clear.
Zwijnenberg, a researcher at Pax, a Dutch nonprofit organization dealing with conflicts and the environment, said the images showed that the island had no structure, meaning that underground facilities were unlikely.
The images came after an official video of the raids was published, showing massive explosions of mushroom-shaped clouds rising from Kanaws, which appeared to have been bombed.
"We are denying ISIS the possibility of hiding on the island of Kanawas," said Maj. Gen. Eric Hill, Special Forces Commander of the Joint Task Force. "We provide conditions for allied forces to continue to bring stability to the region."
Commenting on the video documenting the raids, Hill said in a tweet on Twitter: "So it looks like when F15 and F35 fighters drop more than 36 thousand kilograms of ammunition on an island infested with ISIS."
Transit Island
A spokesman for Iraqi counter-terrorism forces told Fox News that the island was a "hotel" for ISIS travelers from Syria to Iraq.
US officials described the island as a "transit" stop for ISIS militants entering and leaving Syria.