Parliament votes on the recommendations of the demands of the demonstrators and the abolition of the offices of general inspectors {expanded}

2019/10/8 15:55


BAGHDAD: The House of Representatives voted in its eighth session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fourth parliamentary session, which was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Council Mohammed Halbousi and the presence of 212 deputies, Tuesday 8/10 / 2019, on the recommendations of the parliamentary committee on the demands of demonstrators and the abolition of the offices of general inspectors.
"At the outset of the session, al-Halbousi pointed out that the difficult days passedon Iraq, the blood flowing and the lives of our protesters and security forces who were wounded in the course of events, put a great responsibility on us," said the statement of the council's information department. "Everybody is in front of a real crossroads, either to be with our people or to be in the ditch of self and position. I have decided from the first moment definitively and definitively to be with the people and I am confident that you will stand this honorable and historic position," he said. ".
The Speaker of the House of Representatives that "all options presented in today's meeting is open to you in order to redress your people and restore their constitutional and legal right to live decent and all freedoms and rights in full without a shortage," noting that "the time of the meeting is open until the completion of all discussions and take decisions that would Be at the level of the event and the size of the sacrifices and not put a ceiling on the proposals for appropriate treatments, even if they are very harsh.
Later, the MPs recited Surat Al-Fatiha to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.
Al-Halbousi pointed to the series of meetings held with the presidencies during the past days to discuss the demands of the demonstrators, which represent rights delayed to meet, pointing out that the House of Representatives will submit the first package of measures that come to meet the demands that the second package to implement the demands soon, pointing out that reform represents A measure and behavior that the legislative and executive branches will apply, not a reaction to the demonstrations.
The Council voted to proceed with the legislative procedures of amending the law that allowed the work of the provincial councils until the first of March or amendment Article 20 of the law of provincial councils not organized in a region.
The Council then hosted Mr. Bassem Al-Rubaie, Minister of Labor and Mr. Mohammed Al-Ani, Minister of Commerce, to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and the measures taken.
The Council voted on the recommendations of the Committee formed in the House of Representatives to consider the demands of the demonstrators, which include considering the victims of the demonstrations of civilians and security forces martyrs and compensation and follow-up investigative procedures to find out the circumstances and events affecting the demonstrations and the immediate release of detainees who did not violate the public property and the launch of a financial grant for the rehabilitation of the unemployed This year is financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. A development fund for the employment of students and the unemployed will be established in the federal budget for 2020. It will be financed from deductions for higher grades salaries, which specify Law and the coverage of families with no fixed income and living below the poverty line with a monthly salary, and this is regulated by law and re-dissolved their contracts in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Anti-Terrorism Authority and the inclusion of Awakening elements in the tribal crowd of the Popular Mobilization Authority, containing containment of the defense and their immediate access to their former units Defense immediately.
The recommendations included returning the employees of the Military Industrialization Authority to the job not covered by the accountability and justice procedures and transferring them to the owners of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, opening the door of volunteering in the Ministry of Defense for ages from (18_25) exclusively and immediately commencing it, stopping the campaign to remove the housing violations immediately and finding the appropriate alternative by allocating four trillion dinars borrowed. The government of the Iraqi banks repay the share of the development of the provinces in the provinces for the budgets for the coming years starting in 2020 and for 10 years to build medium-cost housing a number of one hundred thousand housing units distributed according to the proportions of the population to accommodate the transgressors and the return of Azhan.
The recommendations included that the Ministry of Finance transfer the ownership of land registered in its name and without allowance, which falls within the basic design or outside the design to the competent municipalities to implement land distribution projects or construction of residential complexes in accordance with Law No. (80) and other laws and exempting farmers and peasants from agricultural land rentals for previous years, including This year, the transfer of lecturers and volunteers in the ministries of education and higher education for decades in the budget of 2020 and the start of a program and specific timelines to install all contractors in all ministries and on the regulatory authorities and the Anti-Corruption Council Adopting the files of corruption to the judiciary and in addition to activating the decisions of the Council of Ministers concerning the holders of higher degrees from all disciplines and the amendment of resolution {315} on the conversion of the daily procedure to contracts in the ministries of higher education and water resources in all ministries.
The recommendations included providing financial grants to the families of the missing and absentees (security auditors) during the period of ISIS and their inclusion in the laws of martyrs and victims except for the instructions in force and in the federal budget for 2020, and provide the necessary allocations to restore stability in the liberated areas, financial grants for the return of displaced within a maximum period of three months and increase the number of subcommittees and central compensation Victims and victims of terrorism and military operations, with the exception of projects of the Ministries of Health, Housing and Municipalities and the exemption of the Fund for the Liberation of Cities The General Conditions of Contracting and the implementation of the budget law in the areas of water, sewage and hospitals, in addition to granting soft loans to ensure industrial projects for the operation of the suspended and deactivated factories of 50,000 labs and workshops at the initiative of the Central Bank in addition to the government to review the salaries of retirees and send a draft law to
For his part, the Minister of Commerce noted that the Council of Ministers decided at its last session to exclude all provinces from the instructions to implement government contracts.
In turn, the President of the Council stressed the need to coordinate between the three presidencies on the committee competent to meet the demands of the demonstrators based on the recommendations of the religious authority.
The Council then voted on the proposal to abolish the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. (57) for the year 2004 and Legislative Order No. (19) for the year 2005, which aims to administrative aggravation and prevent duplication of tasks and to accelerate anti-corruption procedures and the futility of the survival of the offices of general inspectors after the addition of this paragraph on schedule of work.
President al-Halbusi announced the end of the work of the offices of general inspectors and ordered the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority after the House of Representatives vote on the law.
Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until next Thursday 10/10/2019