The economic repercussions of the Internet service in Iraq

2019/10/10 12:35


BAGHDAD: The center of specialized communications technology, on Thursday, the economic repercussions of the disconnection of the Internet service in Iraq.
The platform of information technology in a statement received (Euphrates News) a copy, "that the Internet cut in Iraq has negative repercussions, especially on the commercial sectors. On the economic level, although there are no accurate statistics on the Iraqi economy losses due to Internet interruption, but estimatedmillions According to the COST, which is based on the methodology of the economic impact of Internet disconnections by the Brookings Institution, the
Internet in Iraq negatively affects many economic and commercial sectors, including the issue of pensioners' salaries. P depend Z online. Where More than three million retired employees on smart cards "to Card" to get their salaries, in addition to about one million displaced people receiving government subsidies in the same way. "
He added: "The Internet interruption also harms the work of many remittance companies, travel and tourism companies, and the retail sector, in addition to the damage of small businesses and individuals who rely on social media to promote and market their products."
The Center urges "the government, with its concerned parties, to find alternative solutions to completely disconnect the Internet, and to resort to technical and technical solutions to restrict some programs to security necessity if necessary." is over