A source reveals the conditions imposed by al-Halbousi on Abdul Mahdi in exchange for not being questioned

2019/10/12 13:08


According to an informed source, Saturday, the House of Representatives Speaker Mohammed Halbousi imposed on Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi two conditions, to cancel the 50 parliamentary signatures for questioning the latter in parliament.
The source said in a press statement todaythat "after a number of deputies collected more than 50 signatures to question Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the latter asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi neglect parliamentary signatures and question questioning."

"Halbousi agreed to Abdul-Mahdi's request but imposed two basic conditions on him, the first being to nominate the minister of education, who submitted his name to him, and the second to remove the name of the minister of youth and sports from the dismissal list," he said.

He pointed out that "Abdul-Mahdi approved the policeman Halbousi [immediately] and raised the name of the Minister of Education nominated by Khamis Khanjar, and chose Halbousi candidate for the post."

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has submitted the names of three candidates instead of the ministers of industry, immigration and communications, in addition to two candidates to take the portfolios of health and education.

The House of Representatives voted to choose Suha Al-Ali as Minister of Education at its last meeting last Thursday.