The Parliamentary Committee for Amending the Constitution defines the most important proposals for amendments to be discussed

2019/11/7 12:34


The parliamentary committee charged with amending the constitution, on Thursday, identified the most important proposals to be discussed and a number of steps.
"The committee sent a letter to the Ministryof Higher Education to provide the committee with professors from Iraqi universities who are experts in constitutional law," said Rashid al-Azzawi, secretary general of the Iraqi Islamic Party, a member of the constitutional amendment committee. To be with us on the Constitution Amendment Committee. "

"Civil society organizations, unions and unions with competence in the law, such as the Bar Association, have been addressed to provide the committee with its proposals to amend the constitution so as to achieve popular participation in this project," he added.

"The committee was directed to open a website, in order to receive all suggestions from citizens or those who have sold on the issue of constitutional law to communicate their proposals, and also invited the United Nations to provide it with international experts in international constitutions."

He pointed out that "the Committee recalled the archiving of the old Committee of Constitutional Amendments, which was formed in the first parliamentary session, which made strides in the way of constitutional amendments, and all the records of the meetings held at that time were summoned and distributed to the new members of the Committee, as well as the archive of the Constitution Writing Committee, which was formed in 2005. "

He added that "the most important proposals to amend the Constitution, which was nominated by the Commission and will be discussed are to determine the system (parliamentary or presidential), and article 76 on the largest bloc, as well as for the governors and provincial councils and their election is the governor elected directly from the people or the provincial council and determine the fate of councils The governorates and their numbers in case it was agreed to keep them. "

Al-Azzawi said that "will be discussed the number of members of the House of Representatives will remain for every 100,000 citizens deputy or determine the number for each province, as well as the election law is guaranteed by the Constitution or not, and the law of oil and gas and it belongs to the Iraqi people do we separate it more or not." "The constitution needs to be amended, and today the committee is determined to complete its work before the four-month deadline, and it is expected to complete its work within two months."