Abdul Mahdi on the disconnection of the Internet: are forced to do so and we will keep it limited and temporary to a minimum

2019/11/15 15:58


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Saturday that the authorities are sometimes forced to restrict the "Internet" when it believes that it is used to promote violence and hatred, while noting that these restrictive measures will remain limited and temporary to a minimum.

"The digital world (the Internet) is a contemporary realityand a right for all, and a means of questioning pent-up voices and free opinions," Abdul Mahdi said in a statement received by the All Iraq News Agency. "The authorities in defense of the rights of the group are sometimes forced to restrict it when they see it being used." To promote violence, hatred, conspiracy against the homeland and disrupt public life, which is also a right for all citizens. "

"When some claim the right of the digital world, others also demand the right to continue the life that is disrupted by the digital world because of its misuse by some at the expense of the majority and because of its jelly, hypothetical and global nature, which many countries have addressed in a way that benefits and prevents harm."

"For us, this has not been possible for many reasons and circumstances, which compels us to take interim decisions to restrict the use of the digital world in order to achieve a delicate balance between conflicting rights and conflicting claims, such as during examinations to prevent fraud, or in periods of exploitation to spread hatred, violence and terrorism," he said. "We will keep these restrictive measures limited and temporary to a minimum with serious endeavors to reform the whole matter as in the rest of the countries."

The Internet service was cut off suddenly last Tuesday, because of demonstrations in Baghdad and a number of other provinces.