Political agreement to retain Abdul Mahdi and resolve the demonstrations

2019/11/9 15:36


Two political sources told AFP on Saturday that the main political forces in Iraq have agreed to maintain the current authority, even if it was forced to use force to end the protests calling for the "overthrow of the regime."
The majority of the forces continued their meetingsin recent days, according to cadres from one of the parties that participated in the meetings.

One of these sources pointed out that "political parties agreed during a meeting of the majority of leaders of large blocs to adhere to Adel Abdul Mahdi and adhere to power in exchange for reforms in the files of anti-corruption and constitutional amendments."

He added that the parties also agreed to “support the government in ending the protests by all available means”.

There seems to be an old renewed trend to restore the Shiite house to serve as a national alliance, according to the same sources.

It is supposed to start translating that agreement, on Saturday, during a parliamentary session, supposed to be dedicated to the work of the committees on constitutional amendments.