After the resignation of Abdul Mahdi .. These are the conditions for the Kurds to approve a new prime minister

2019/11/30 13:45


Baghdad today - special

Kurdish Democratic member Idris Shaaban revealed on Saturday (29 November 2019) the conditions for the Kurds to approve the new prime minister, indicating that the Kurdish parties will not allow the return of negotiations reached with the government of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to zero.

Shaaban said in an interview (Baghdad today), that "the Kurds want a political figure that takes into account the balance betweenBaghdad and Erbil, and acceptable to all segments of the Iraqi people," pointing out that "the Kurds are looking to choose a government that respects what has been achieved in the time of the government Abdul Mahdi political agreements."

He added that "the relationship between Erbil and the Center can not return to zero, the agreements signed must be completed, while continuing to work to resolve the outstanding problems between the region and the Center," noting that "we will support any government provided that it is able to meet citizens and achieve balance." .

The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, announced, on Friday (November 30, 2019), that he would submit to the House of Representatives, requesting his resignation, in response to the invitation of the religious authority.

Abdul Mahdi said in a statement received (Baghdad today), "I listened very carefully to the speech of the Supreme Religious authority on 29/11/2019 and stated that (in view of the difficult circumstances experienced by the country, and the apparent deficit in dealing with the authorities concerned with the developments of the two months The Council of Representatives, from which the current government emerged, is called upon to reconsider its options in this regard and act in the interests of Iraq and to preserve the blood of its people, and avoid sliding into a cycle of violence, chaos and devastation. "

He added: "In response to this call and to facilitate and expedite its completion as soon as possible, I will submit to the House of Representatives the official letter requesting the resignation of the current government to enable the Council to reconsider its options."

He warned that "the proximal and distal knows that I have already made this option publicly and in official notes, and in the interest of the people and the country."