Shabandar: It was unthinkable that Abdul Mahdi's resignation would end the crisis and stop the flames

2019/12/2 15:14


[BAGHDAD - Where]
The political resignation of Izzat Shabandar, that the resignation of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, will not end the crisis in the country, nor will it stop the repercussions of 16 years of corruption.
Shabandar said in a tweet on his account "Twitter" today "It was unthinkable that the resignation of Abdul-Mahdi will end the crisisand stop the fires burning and the repercussions of sixteen years of injustice, corruption and failure, especially the ball has returned to the court of corrupt and associated."

"But it does not and will not end in their favor at any cost and I mean what I say."

Parliament had accepted in its meeting yesterday evening, the resignation of the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, while the speaker of parliament, Mohamed Halbousi, he will address the President of the Republic in order to assign a new prime minister.