Iraqi official: the budget of 2020 is 160 trillion dinars

05 December 2019 12:31 PM


Direct: Member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Haneen Qadu, on Thursday, the value of the budget 2020.

He said, according to the Iraqi News Agency (conscious), that the size of the budget next year160 trillion ($ 133.04 billion).

The budget deficit for 2020 is 50 trillion Iraqi dinars ($ 4.16 billion), he said.

He pointed out that the value of Iraqi imports amounted to 84 trillion Iraqi dinars (69.84 billion dollars).

He continued: "The investment side will be zero and we will turn to domestic loans and the banks of the Central Bank and others so that we can move the economic process."

The Iraqi member of parliament, that there is a great problem in the subject of the search for internal and external loans in order to maintain operating expenses.