An informed source reveals the reason for the heavy flight ... a US official lost in the Baghdad airport road



A well-informed source revealed the reason for the heavy flight of American air yesterday evening

The source said that what happened midnight yesterday at Baghdad International Airport, and rumors contradicted him, is that a senior American official was on a very secret visitto Baghdad, and upon his departure his motorcade lost the entrance to the airport's private military road and entered the normal civil road.

And because the civilian road is not secured within the American protection plan, the accompanying American forces panicked, and acted with great confusion to the point that caught the eye so much, thinking that it occurred in an ambush ... even though a helicopter was providing air protection.

The source pointed out that the Americans now believe that Iraq is no longer safe for any American, and that the eyes of their opponents lie in wait for them in every corner to take their revenge.

The embassy media took the time to spread sensational rumors to mislead people away from the story of the American official, who acted as a lost prey in a forest surrounded by fishermen.