Economic advisor: We spent 222 billion dollars on infrastructure within 9 years without success

10/2/2020 10:38


The Prime Minister's advisor for economic affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed on Monday that he spent more than $ 222 billion on infrastructure projects within nine years without achieving anything serious.
Saleh said in press statements, “From 2003 until 2012, an amount of 222.3 billion dollars was spent on infrastructure, but it was not implemented in a meaningful and beneficial manner.”

He added that "allocating part of the Iraqi oil exports to China will be in exchange for implementing real projects on the ground," noting that "the majority of the money earned from selling oil goes as allocations for the operational budget that drains money as salaries without having an investment budget."

And Saleh indicated that "the enforcement of this agreement would enhance oversight and transparency in the implementation of projects and control of funds spent on them from international bodies, which limits waste and waste of money."