An informed source: The demonstration squares gathered their orders and agreed on a candidate to present him as a substitute for Allawi

2/13/2020 18:10


{Bgdad_aan} confirmed a source familiar with where to the news agency agreement most of the yards pretending to offer a candidate for the President of the Republic , Barham Salih , to be assigned an alternative to Prime Minister - designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi,
said the source , who declined to be named, said Tenseekiet all the provinces , which is witnessing protests for more than three months Several meetings have taken place between them during the past two days, and all coordination has agreed to nominate Dr. Alaa Al-Rikabi as a substitute for Muhammad Allawi,
Little Alaa stapes of the most prominent conservative figures of Dhi Qar that participated demonstrations since its inception, the source said that the activists and Tenseekiet provinces met with Dr. Alaa stapes
and asked him the idea met with rejection by the stapes several times later agreed to provide his name,
said activists that the president - designate for prime minister Mohammed Allawi does not comply with the conditions of the demonstrators, and they intend to order them to offer Rikabi a substitute for him