Allawi reveals Halbusi and Barzaniís objection to his government formation, which he will announce short of three bags next week

13/2/2020 14:53


A parliamentary source early Sunday revealed the intention of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to announce his cabinet cabinet next week, and between that the cabinet will be missing three bags, he stressed that the squad is facing oppositionfrom the President of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi and the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Masoud Barzani.
The source said in a press statement, ďThe Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi met yesterday, with a number of deputies and I am among them, where we were informed that he would announce a ministerial cabinet of 19 bags missing for three bags dedicated to the Kurdish component until the end of negotiations with themĒ, stressing that ď The final period set by Allawi with the Kurdish party will end next Tuesday.
He added that "Allawi revealed to the meeting that the protesters against the ministerial cabinet that he presented are the Speaker of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Halbousi and the Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Masoud Barzani. .
The source, who requested not to be named, indicated that "Allawi is determined to announce the booth next Sunday and in the best case, either on Monday or Tuesday of next week."