Karbouli: Allawi’s government has become pampered and slavers are standing in the streets to sell her ministries, so she will die before her birth.

2/14/2020 18:12


Deputy Muhammad al-Karbouli saw on Friday that the disputed government would die before its announcement, indicating that it had been the subject of popular opposition since the first commissioning day.

Al-Karbouli wrotethrough his account on Twitter, today, Friday (February 14, 2020), that "the disputed government has been the object of popular opposition since the first commissioning day."

He added in his tweet: "Now that, as it enters the training stage, the features of the difference have started to become more acute," indicating by saying, "And how not, and they have become pampered and sloppers stand on the roads to sell their ministries."

Karbouli concluded with Hashtak, "# The government will die before its announcement."