Kurdish MP: Sunnis and Kurds will not support Zarfi unless he has the support of the Shiite majority

3/21/2020 13:21



The MP of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Ahmed Hama, pledged, on Saturday, that Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi would obtain the support of the Sunni and Kurdish blocs by obtaining the support and support of the Shiite majority.
Hama said in a statement,"Adnan Al-Zarfi needs to get the support of the Shiite majority, because it is not possible for the Sunnis to vote for a Shiite prime minister who is not supported by the Shiite majority."

He added that "the Sunnis, especially the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, do not overstate its relationship with construction, and that the Kurds, in particular the Kurdistan Democratic Party, deal with the majority of the Shiite component and the majority of the Sunni component."

Hama pointed out, "If Adnan Al-Zarfi fails to pass his cabinet, then his supporters from the different blocs will oppose any candidate chosen by the opposing team," noting that "the Shiite forces bear the consequences of all these failures."