Kurdish lawmaker warns of economic collapse in Iraq after the departure of US forces

03/21/2020 17:17


Baghdad today - Baghdad

Member of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, MP Ahmad Hama Rashid, (Saturday, March 21, 2020), considered that the exit of the United States from Iraq will complicate the Iraqi scene more, especially in economic terms.

Rashid said (Baghdad today), "America has strong supervisionand control of the international economy, especially with regard to international organizations and institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and even the United Nations."

He continued: "Therefore, the exit of its forces from Iraq represents a great risk to the country economically, and will make matters worse."

Rashid added, "America, with its economic capabilities and control over large organizations and institutions, can provide support and support to Iraq in the face of its current crisis, especially with the collapse of world oil prices, which will make its effects less and prevent financial collapse."

He noted that "Iraq has entered the dangerous stage," calling on "Iraqis to be very careful."

The Kurdish MP called on the government to `` manage the very dangerous situation and expose the people to the coming facts, projects and visions to meet the challenges. ''

The head of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed on Sunday (15 March 2020) that Iraq will have another position regarding the foreign and American presence on the country’s country if this exit is rejected.

Al-Kaabi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the country's sovereignty must be respected by all parties operating on Iraqi soil, especially the Americans, or the international coalition, and it is not possible to allow any violations or violations that lead to the shedding of Iraqi blood."

He added, "The government is required, after the recent aggression carried out by Washington, to take serious action to deal with the issue of the exit of foreign and American forces from the country, through diplomatic channels."

Al-Kaabi said, "Washington or the coalition countries are intransigent in refusing to leave Iraq and insisting on staying without legal and legal permission, will have negative and negative repercussions on those forces."