Deputy for Al-Fateh: Shiite forces agreed to remove Al-Zarfi and nominate 3 university presidents for the post of prime minister

3/22/2020 17:51


Deputy leader of Al-Fateh Mukhtar Al-Moussawi unveiled Sunday the most prominent results of the Shiite house talks yesterday, referring to the nomination of three personalities for the position of prime minister.
Mousawi said in a press statement that "the Shiite blocs agreed to nominate three personalities for the post of prime minister," notingthat "the candidates are the President of Baghdad University, the President of the University of Kufa, and the President of Karbala University."

He added, "The nomination of these personalities suggests the imminent release of the crisis, withdrawing the candidacy of Adnan Al-Zarfi from forming the government," noting that "the Shiite forces will hold talks with the Kurdish alliances and blocs on the need to assign a new candidate to obtain acceptance and consent of everyone."

He pointed out that "a high-level delegation from the forces of the Shiite blocs will meet during the next two days a number of leaders of the first row to discuss withdrawing the nomination of Zarfi and assign another person to shorten the time."