The prime ministerís advisor clarifies the reality of the World Bankís apology for helping Iraq

3/24/2020 14:19


[Baghdad-Ain] The
Prime Minister's advisor for financial affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, denied the World Bank's apology for assisting Iraq.
Saleh said in a statement quoted by the official agency today, Tuesday: "The World Bank has ongoing financing projects in Iraq and there is continuouscommunication with this important international institution to build positive future relations."
The media had reported a senior official that the World Bank had informed Iraq of its unwillingness to discuss any new loan to Baghdad with the country's current status.
He said, "The option of external borrowing, as one of the government's means to alleviate the financial crisis, is not on the table due to assurances received from the World Bank that it is not ready to discuss any new loan to Baghdad in the current state of the country." Financial.