Source: University presidents have apologized for their candidacy for prime minister

3/24/2020 14:44


A parliamentary source revealed, on Tuesday, that Iraqi university presidents apologized for their candidacy for the prime minister, stressing that university presidents informed the Shiite forces of this.
The source said in a press statement, "The university presidentsinformed the political forces of their apology for naming one of them as a substitute for Zarfi in individual messages after they were approached by the Seven Committee."
The source added that, "After the apologists of the universities apologized, the compass of the forces rejecting Al-Zrafi went to search in the judiciary institution because it has complete independence and has acceptance with the Iraqi street."
Informed sources revealed earlier the Shiite forces nominated the President of the University of Technology Ahmed al-Ghabban, Munir al-Saadi, former president of Al Ain University [Karbala], and Mohsen al-Dhalimi, former president of the University of Kufa, for the post of prime minister.