Al-Fateh bloc: Our position is consistent with the refusal to assign Al-Zarfi to the Prime Minister

3/25/2020 17:27


{Baghdad _ Where}
Al-Fateh Parliamentary Bloc indicated its stability, rejecting the mechanism through which Prime Minister Adnan Al-Zarfi was assigned to form the government.
The head of the bloc, Muhammad al-Ghabban, said: "The position of the al-Fateh bloc is consistentwith the rejection of the mechanism mandated by al-Zarfi to bypass the President of the Republic, the constitution and the political norms prevailing since 2003."
He added: "We recommend Al-Zarfi to apologize for the assignment, so that it does not cause him to lose the right of the majority."
On the 3/17/2020, President of the Republic, Barham Salih, commissioned Adnan Al-Zarfi to head the Council of Ministers and form a new government for the next period.
Both the Al-Fateh Alliance, the State of Law Coalition, the National Contract Bloc, and the National Approach Bloc rejected Zerafi's assignment, and considered that by doing so he had crossed all constitutional contexts and political norms