Al-Kazemi is heading steadily towards completing his cabinet, Wednesday or Thursday, as the first date

05/19 2020 16:35


Baghdad today - Baghdad,

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is moving towards completing the cabinet continuously in the new government, while after the parliament votes on the remaining ministries, he will devote his dialogues with the political blocs to resolve the file of independent bodies and special grades, according toparliament deputies.

Mudar al-Salman, the MP from the Alliance of Saireon, said in a press statement that "the Prime Minister informally informed the political blocs that he had completed the file of candidates for vacant ministries," and suggested that "they be presented to the House of Representatives on the next Wednesday or Thursday."

And Salman emphasizes that "the House of Representatives will vote on the remainder of the cabinet booth this week," pointing out that "the Presidency of the House of Representatives did not specify the dates of the voting session for the rest of the government booth until this moment."

The deputy from Maysan Governorate adds that "the Prime Minister is going to send a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to set the date for the next session to vote on the ministerial cabinet," stressing that "all seven vacant ministries will be decided." Over the past days, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi intensified his negotiating rounds with the heads of political blocs to complete his government cabinet, as the talks witnessed differences between the blocs and components over the names of the candidates.

For his part, Yahya Al-Muhammadi, deputy of the Iraqi Forces Union bloc, affirmed that "Parliament will grant confidence this week to the vacant ministries after completing the names of the candidates by the prime minister and the political blocs in the negotiations between the parties."

"After completing the vote on the rest of the ministerial cabinet, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi will go in consultation with the political blocs to resolve the file of independent bodies and special grades and submit them to parliament to give them confidence," Al-Mohammadi said in a press statement.

In the session of granting confidence to the Al-Kazemi government held on May 7, Nawar Nasif Jassem, Minister of Trade, Hisham Salih Dawood, Minister of Culture, and Hikma Nasser, Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Ismail Abdul-Ridha Al-Lami, Minister of Agriculture, Abdul-Rahman Mustafa, did not get the approval of Parliament For fairness, with oil and foreign candidates postponing until further notice.