Deputy: The political blocs are serious about isolating Halbousi

20/5/2020 18:12



On Wednesday, independent MP Bassem Khashan considered that the members of the parliament collected parliamentary signatures to isolate Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi as a serious step, while Halbousi died politically after the withdrawal of the Alliance coalition from his support.
Khazal said in a statement, "Most of the political blocs in the parliament are not convinced of the performance of Al-Halbousi, including the Sunni forces as well."

He added that "all the parliamentary signatures to isolate Al-Halbousi and the adoption of the Alliance of Other Walkers, therefore, is a step towards changing it during the current legislative term," noting that "Al-Halbousi died politically and lost most of the parties after his intervention in forming the government."

The leader of the Alliance of Representatives, MP Jawad al-Moussawi, revealed, in a statement to "Information", today, Wednesday, the collection of signatures of more than 130 deputies who want to remove the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi from his post.