Qardash reveals that he has confessed important secrets to ISIS

5/21/2020 11:53



The confessions of the leader of the ISIS terrorist gangs, Abdul Nasser Qirdash, who was detained, revealed dangerous secrets about the organization.

And Abdul Nasser Qirdash, who was the potential candidate to succeed the organization after the grave Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and during the meeting revealed that the ISIS leaders, at the request of al-Baghdadi, reviewed the ideas of the organization after losing many sites in recent years.
As military operations continued to pursue ISIS, the Iraqi Intelligence Service revealed the most important and most dangerous ISIS leaders who had been behind the walls for a period of interrogation, that he was Nasser al-Qirdash, a close associate of al-Baghdadi and with knowledge of the alleged new caliph Abdullah Qirdash.
Abdel Nasser Qirdash, who was born in Mosul, received many military tasks during the era of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, reaching Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and supervised several military operations in Syria and Iraqi territory, and is known for his militancy and closeness to the Arab leaders in the organization.
There are documents bearing the signature of Qirdash and indicate the importance of the man within the organization, in which al-Baghdadi is addressed directly through his chairmanship of the delegated committee.
During the investigation, Qardash revealed the intensity of the differences within ISIS between Arabs and foreigners, as well as the theft of funds and the removal of families during the battles, and the dispute over the killing of prisoners, including the Jordanian pilot, the martyr Muath al-Kasasbeh, to uncover many facts about this organization, which left behind thousands of dead and wounded innocent and displaced The destroyed cities of Iraq and Syria. ”
Qirdash explained the reasons that led the organization to kill 900 treacherous people in Iraq.
The second man in ISIS said that the first meeting he had met with the leader of the organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ended with his dismissal.
Qirdash described al-Baghdadi as unfair, and also revealed the term“ Mujahideen and Ansar ” , The mechanism for distributing the two teams within the organization and their mission.